May 2010

Uncategorized14 May 2010 03:14 pm

It began with me searching for a couple old Gallery albums I had posted up awhile back after a friend requested some pictures from one of them.  I got those up in pretty good time, since I already had a gallery installation set up on this new server and the importing wasn’t too bad, though it did import all the thumbnails and resizes of every picture, so I had to go in and delete 2 out of every 3 pictures.

Now I’m noticing that I have my old Movable Type blog archived here too.  Do I dare try to import these blog posts from 2003-2004 into this blog?  I had no recollection that I actually blogged 74 times there, but I see all the archives.  Now, 74 is not a whole lot, but it is a lot of good memories for me, so maybe I’ll get them up there so that I can again look back on them a long time from now and remember some good ol’ days.

I guess the search for an MT (file system backup, not even active) to WordPress importer starts now.

Uncategorized10 May 2010 08:23 am

The National Journal published a post regarding red states, blue states and ‘family values’.  I particularly like this quote:

Six of the seven states with the lowest divorce rates in 2007, and all seven with the lowest teen birthrates in 2006, voted blue in both elections. Six of the seven states with the highest divorce rates in 2007, and five of the seven with the highest teen birthrates, voted red. It’s as if family strictures undermine family structures.

Reading that last line just recalled a little scene with some Imperial Overlords of a long time ago:

Princess Leia: The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.

Chalk that up for another lesson we could all learn from Star Wars.