Uncategorized14 May 2010 03:14 pm

It began with me searching for a couple old Gallery albums I had posted up awhile back after a friend requested some pictures from one of them.  I got those up in pretty good time, since I already had a gallery installation set up on this new server and the importing wasn’t too bad, though it did import all the thumbnails and resizes of every picture, so I had to go in and delete 2 out of every 3 pictures.

Now I’m noticing that I have my old Movable Type blog archived here too.  Do I dare try to import these blog posts from 2003-2004 into this blog?  I had no recollection that I actually blogged 74 times there, but I see all the archives.  Now, 74 is not a whole lot, but it is a lot of good memories for me, so maybe I’ll get them up there so that I can again look back on them a long time from now and remember some good ol’ days.

I guess the search for an MT (file system backup, not even active) to WordPress importer starts now.

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